Gobbler 7v7 Tournament Rules

7v7 Format

  • 7 players from each team on playing field (2 Attack, 2 Midfield, 2 Defense, 1 goalie).

  • Onsides rules still apply (2 offensive players on offensive end of field.  3 defensive players (including goalie) on defensive end of field.

  • Attack and defense from both teams must be behind GLE (goal-line extended) during the face-off until possession is gained.

  • Face-off will begin 1st and 2nd half only.  On face-off, wing midfielder can be positioned to left or right of his face-off man on the sideline.

  • Ball will be awarded at the midfield to the team scored on, and play will be restarted as soon as player with possession and referee are set to begin (teams can sub on the fly as the ball is being moved to the midfield for a restart, but once the ball is set in the player’s stick at the midfield, referee won’t wait for additional player substitutions before restarting play).  5 yards must be given, all defense and attack do not have to be behind the goal.

  • Maximum of 2 long poles on the field for each team. (5-8 grade divisions)

  • On flag down, the fouling team must gain possession before play is blown dead.  The play can be called dead when the ball exits the playing field.  Loose ball does not blow the play dead.  

Game Length:

Games will be scheduled in 1 hr blocks to allow for adequate warmups and any delays that arise.

  • Two (2) twenty (20) minute running halves - Halftime will be five (5) minutes.

  • One (1) Timeout per a game, per a team. Timeouts may be used at any time during the game, except the last 2 minutes of each half or overtime.

  • Timeouts will be one (1) minute in length and will NOT stop the clock.

  • Penalties are running time, but will be counted as time and a half. Penalties will stop during a timeout.

Clarification on game clock and penalty time:

The game clock will never stop and will run on a central clock for all fields. All penalties are time and a half, running time. Table staff will keep penalty time. The only timing that game officials will keep will be for timeouts.

The official score will be kept by both the table staff and the game official. The table staff and the scoring official will confer after each goal and at all timeouts and period ending points to ensure score accuracy.

Counts/Advancing the Ball

In all divisions the only count enforced is the 4 second crease count for the goalie. There are no counts for advancement of the ball.


In the event that teams are tied at the end of regulation, a 4 minute overtime will be played. This time will be kept at the table and will be running time. At the end of the overtime period if the teams are still tied the game will end in a tie.

*Referee calls of any kind are not grounds for protest.  Tournament administration will stand behind calls made by game officials and will not change or override any call made on the field of play.*