Austin Youth Lacrosse

Austin Youth Lacrosse (AYL) is a nonprofit youth lacrosse organization supporting the growth and development of lacrosse in Austin. AYL offers playing opportunities for players in 1st - 8th grade through teams, camps, and clinics. AYL is a member of the CTYLA (Central Texas Youth Lacrosse Association) and will compete against other central Austin youth teams during the traditional spring season. Our goal is to provide the best experience for our community's youth lacrosse players through a positive and healthy environment emphasizing sportsmanship and teamwork.

For more information on AYL, please contact Jordan Ruggeri / Youth Program Director:

Program Philosophy

The AYL program focuses on player centered development, emphasizing the development of the whole player through skills training, small sided drills and gameplay. Our goal is for the youth to develop into players who have the ability to read, react and play. Practices will emphasize developing the overall player, teaching our youth how to play lacrosse not to play a position. Players are encouraged to try new positions to gain a variety of playing experiences.  While we want our teams to be competitive and win on the field, coaches will ultimately design practices and manage games in a way that support the growth of our players - not sacrificing development for winning. We are confident that this approach will put our players and teams in the best position to be successful and have fun.


What is the association between AYL and Austin High School boy's lacrosse?

AYL serves as a feeder program for the Austin High School boy's lacrosse program.

Is AYL part of WAYA (West Austin Youth Association)?

AYL is organized and run by a board of directors and works with the board of Austin High School Boys Lacrosse (AHSBL), in close association with WAYA. AYL practice and home games will be held at WAYA facilities.

Will WAYA still provide a youth lacrosse program?

No, WAYA will work closely with and support AYL to accommodate fields for the program and promote AYL to it's WAYA members.

Where will programs take place?

Our lacrosse programs will be held on WAYA (West Austin Youth Association) fields, specifically Chalmers and McEachern fields on Cesar Chavez and Brumley field on Exposition.

What equipment is needed to participate?

Boys are required to play with a stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, elbow pads, mouth guard, and athletic cup. Please feel free to reach out if your new player needs equipment, our program has used equipment and can also suggest new equipment to purchase.